Inov-8 Mudclow 265, pantofi de alergat off trail

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Inov-8 Mudclaw 265 sunt pantofi de alergat off road si in special off trai. Sunt fabricati dupa calapod unisex. Este incaltamintea preferata a alergatorilor la curse cu obstacole.

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Inov-8 Mudclow 265, pantofi de alergat off trail

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Inov-8 Mudclaw 265, pantofi de alergat off trail

Inov-8 Mudclaw 265 sunt pantofi de alergat off road si in special
off trail. Sunt pantofi foarte usori fabricati dupa calapod unisex.
Au talpa special proiectata pentru teren moale, zone de deal si munte
cu iarba si padure. Zone cu noroi si mlastini. Sunt pantofii preferati
ai alergatorilor de curse cu obstacole si nu in ultimul rand sunt
preferati de multi orientaristi. Crampoanele mari si agresive asigura
aderenta foarte buna atat la urcare cat si la coborire. Amortizarea la
calcai este cu 1 Arrow Shoc-zone. Din acest motiv nu este recomandat
incepatorilor care nu au experienta de alergat cu amortixare minima.
Acest tip de talpa nu este adecvata pentru alergare pe asfalt si pista
sau in zone cu pietre si stanca.
Greutate: 265 g la marimea 8 UK = 42 EU

Inov8 Mudclaw 265 Shoe Review
There are lots of running shoes out there but there aren’t so many with great grip, sexy design and shark like teeth. We put Inov8′s Mud Claw 265 ‘s under test to see if they’re the perfect obstacle racing shoe.
The Mudclaw weighs in at 265g, has a 3mm heel drop and a 6mm footbed. Compared to your average running shoe these features are considerably low, which puts the shoe into the minimal category closer to the ‘barefoot feeling’.
They’ve been around for several years now and have had a number of variations to improve their functionality. Originally designed as a Fell Running shoe, the Mudclaw shoe is perfect for the hills and provides maximum grip in wet soft grounds. Due to these features over the last few years they have become popular amongst the Obstacle Racing community.
The famous mud shoe
The Mudclaw range has a bit of fan club going on. Just go through Instagram, Facebook and Flickr and no doubt you will see enthusiasts taking pics of their beloved shoes in their natural muddy habitat or after a long slog up the mountains.
Many non runners won’t understand the attachment we get to a pair of running shoes but once you get a good comfy pair you’ll treat them like a loyal pet. Making sure they have somewhere warm to sleep, that they are clean and giving them the occasional stroke is all part of the weekly routine.
Lighter than others
These shoes are light. Compare them to their competitor in the range, the Salomon Speedcross 3 and they come out 50g lighter. This is because of a 3mm drop from the heel to the ground, which is significantly lower than other shoes, quite simply meaning there’s is less shoe on your foot.
You can have too much of a good thing in regards to running shoes, and despite getting less shoe for your money it means that the perfect ‘natural barefoot’ style running is promoted with your foot and heel closer the ground. They are 50g heavier than the popular X-Talon despite having a lower heel drop (X-Talon 212 are slightly higher with 6mm heel drop).
They eat mud for breakfast
Inov8 describe these as eating mud for breakfast which I can’t deny is true. I would add that they are then ready for another portion at lunch and dinner. Inov8 have mud pumping through their veins and these shoes do nothing to alter that image.
The teeth on the bottom of the shoe grip through the mud like the rest of their off road range but the overall build on the Mudclaw is probably the best in their category. The thick teeth help reduce slipping in muddy conditions and help with grip when getting up and down hills.
With these types of shoes on the market there is no excuse to be slipping about on the trails and the large spacing in between them helps reduce mud clogging. Comfort wise these are top notch and jump into another pair of shoes afterwards then you will notice how comfortable these are.
Bigger Footbed
What’s the drawbacks? For me they are less flexible and more square than the BareGrip’s and X-Talon 190′s. This is mainly down to the the fact that those two shoes are lighter.
The Baregrip’s have absolutely no heal in them though, and aren’t for everyone. The footbed on these is 6mm, which is the same as the X-Talon 212, but 3mm more than the X-Talon 190 and the Baregrip, which being a fan of the 190′s is where my heart lies.
Having said this they are probably more durable than 190′s but I personally prefer the thinner footbed and them being lighter which is a personal choice.
Watch out for wet wood
The problem I did find with the Mudclaw’s, but actually any shoes with the sharp teeth, is that if you are running over wooden steps or jumping over wet gates be careful. The teeth literally make it like ice skating so you could end up on your backside!
I think the material could be improved around the shoe which can rub away the Mudclaw logo. This is purely cosmetic but would be nice to have something more robust there so they stay in pristine condition.
Mudclaw vs X-Talon?
It’s a matter of personal preference when choosing a shoe but i’ll try to compare the differences as you might be comparing between the X-Talon 212 with the Mudclaw.
• The X-Talon’s feel tighter (or snug) on the foot. If you struggle with narrow shoes or have wide feet then the Mudclaw’s are for you.
• The Mudclaw’s are marginally better for grip as they have bigger teeth and have less chance of wearing down than the X-Talon 212/190.
• If you’re interested in having a flatter heel when running these have a 3mm heel over the X-Talon 212′s 6mm.
• The Mudclaw’s are perhaps more robust in their build.
• If you want more of a barefoot feel go for the X-Talon 190 or BareGrip.
You might feel you’re following the crowd by buying these but this is the reason why you should give them a test!
5 reasons why they’re recommended
Yes I was lucky enough to be sent these by Inov8 but here’s 5 reasons why you should try them out
1. They are great in mud and on hills
2. The build quality is very good and they will last
3. They will promote a natural running style
4. Inov8 are a reputable shoe designer
5. The public affection and popularity of them speak for themselves