Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Women’s, pantofi alergare off road

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Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Women’s, pantofi alergare off road

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Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Women’s, pantofi alergare off road

Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Women’s, pantofi alergare off road pentru femei.

Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Women’s Running Shoe - black/berry/blue.

The Inov-8 Terraclaw™ 250 offroad shoe performs the widest range of trails imaginable. The higher mileage version of the TERRACLAW™ range, this shoe delivers extra protection and comfort courtesy of a full rand and higher stack height.

DUAL-C™ outsole: Utilises two types of sticky rubber—hard sticky (black) in areas of high wear, where durability is of extra importance, and soft sticky (blue) everywhere else to maximize grip.

Protective toe cap: Double-layered protective toe cap ensures that minor toe bumps don’t knock the athlete off their stride.

Met-Cradle™: A secure mid-foot hold that allows the athlete to move naturally, achieved by a welded lightweight film.

X-LOCK™: Welded overlay that keeps the foot in place and allows the toes to splay for added comfort on long runs.

Multi directional lugs: Designed to provide traction when climbing, descending, and contouring. The direction of the lugs has been dictated by the foot’s natural movement during situations where grip is essential.

Tongue lock technology: Diagonally sewn lace lock keeps the tongue in place for friction-free running.

Dynamic Fascia Band™: Inov-8's patented technology, the DFB™ mimics the ‘Windlass Effect’, delivering a kick of energy with each step, helping the athlete to move faster and more efficiently.

2 Arrow Shoc-zone™: 8mm differential - ideal for the first step into the transition journey. Good cushioning with a lower than average differential.

Fit: Standard - based on the shape of the foot, this is Inov-8’s most natural fit. More room in the toe box allows the toes to spread.

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