Rachete de zapada Inook OX Men

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Rachete de zapada Inook OX Men

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Rachete de zapada Inook OX Men

Rachetele de zapada Inook OX Men, pentru barbati, sunt concepute pentru deplasarea in orice fel de zapada, indiferent ca este pufoasa, cu crusta, inghetata la suprafata sau in profunzime . Profilul conic al cadrului, si varful ridicat, permite mentinerea rachetei deasupra zapezii. Forma deschisa in spate nu permite acumulrea zapezii sub cadru.Deplasarea este sigura pe teren plat, in panta cu diferite inclinatii, pe traverseuri. Sunt rachete de zapada pentru zone alpine.
• Legaturi tip snowboard AGS (Aauto Gliding System)
• Legaturile asigura fixarea stransa a bocancilor, in orice conditii: urcare, coborare si traversare
• Accepta orice tip de incaltaminte, de la marimea EU 35 la 47, prin reglarea legaturilor
• Ajustarea dimensiunilor incaltamintei se face foarte usor
• Se livreaza cu husa pentru transport.
• Modul Urcare (inaltator)- Aceasta tehnologie este foarte simpla si nu necesita aplecare. Schimbarea pozitiilor de urcare sau mers se face prin apasarea cu batul de ski a partii din spate a legaturii.
• Multi Spikes- Cinci crampoane frontale de otel care asigura aderenta sporita a rachetei de zapada pe teren dificil.
• Marimi bocanc: 35-47
• Varf ascutit 45°- Acest detaliu este foarte important, deoarece asigura loc perfect bocancilor, fara a crea presiune, ceea ce ar putea cauza probleme reale la sfarsitul zilei.
• Wing concept- Partea inferioara a cadrului este prevazuta cu crampoane de marimi si forme diferite (conice si patrate)
• Amortizor- Sub calcai legaturile sunt echipate cu amortizor
• Schimbarea marimii- Se realizeaza cu o clapeta

Producător Inook
Greutate cadru:1000g x 2
Lungime 62 cm
Sarcina maximă 120 kg
Mărime 34-47
Culoare Anthracite

OXM > an alpine snowshoe, the perfect model for sportsmen and for fresh snow lovers.

Inook OXM Description: The lightest: unique performance in terms of efficiency and fluidity through any kind of snow with a strong and heightened front bow.


- Aerotec Design:
The tapered profile of the frame, with a thin turned-up bow works to keep the snowshoe constantly above the snow.The rear openings avoid any snow accumulation under the frame.

- Automatic heel step – Climbing assistant:
One push with the pole on the rear part of the AGS -without any bending- and the binding plate is freed. Another push and the plate is locked or in climbing position, depending if the foot was lifted or not. You will find this Inook patent on all our models, except on the Discovery Range, Futura & Junior models.

- Soft Pad belt:
This central system of the shoe, offers great comfort. It’s combined plastics make the soft pad fl exible, fitting perfectly with the ankle.

- 5 teeth front claw:
All models of the High-Tech and Touring range are fitted with this steel front claw which improves the grip on icy snow types. Other models have the classic 3 teeth steel front claw, except the Junior fitted with a double tooth.
- Front tightening 45°:
This detail is very important because it enables the shoe to be held perfectly, without creating any pressure line, which could cause real trouble at the end of the day.

Wing Concept:
Under all Inook frames you will fi nd 6 fi xed steel spikes with different shapes, rectangular or conic.

- Multi Spike Concept:
The frame seen from below shows the vaulted profi le, which provides stability and excellent hold whilst traversing slopes.

- Shock absorber:
To make the most of a snowshoe tour, to hear just nature, all binding plates are equipped with shock-absorbers under the heel.

- Easy handing & small attentions:
Changing size is really simple; you press the lever against the rear part of the binding and pull it backwards to extend the size. Then you just push the complete part until it touches the shoe; it locks automatically.

To maintain the snowshoe tight to the ankle, Inook offers three binding systems.
- A Velcro strap
- An injected buckle binding, with single or double regulation
- A soft pad strap with double buckle regulation.


- Weight: 1 000 g x 2
- Size: 45 > 120 kg
- Pointure: 34 > 47 [-]

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